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A good wedding booklet serves a number of important functions:

  • It guides your guests through the liturgy giving them clear and simple instructions on their participation.
  • It encourages them to make the responses that belong to them and to join in the singing.
  • It will serve as a souvenir for you and your family of this special day.
    Designing your own booklet.

More and more couples are choosing to do their own wedding booklet. Ask the priest to check a draft of your booklet before printing a large number of them.

Start early

You can get started on your booklet as soon as you begin to make decisions about your wedding liturgy. You might begin by doing a working copy for yourselves from the template that you find on this website. You can then fill in this working copy as you make your decisions. But be careful! You may want to change some of the decisions you make before the wedding day. It makes good sense not to print your booklet until you are absolutely sure that you are satisfied with your choice of readings and music.

Less is best?

Some people advocate that the less you put in the better. You want people to join in celebrating with you and not have their heads buried in a booklet throughout. The key things that you might want indicated in a booklet are:

  • what is happening next.
  • whether people should sit, stand or kneel.
  • the texts of the music that you want people to join in singing, together with the names of the composers of any music used.
  • the people involved in the wedding party.

Another argument is that it is better to include everything so as not to confuse guests who may not be from your religion. The choice is yours!

Regarding the directions to your guests, it is important to check these out with your priest. This is because different parish churches have different customs. For example in some parishes people stand for the entire gathering rite (the way indicated in the ritual itself), in others they kneel.

You should find the wedding booklet tool on this website extremely useful as a starting point for your own booklet.